Feeding your OTTB

Feeding your OTTB

In most instances when feeding your OTTB it is a case of wanting to put some condition on them, especially at this time of year as we head into winter.  As often it is early in their education it is a great idea to start them on a ‘cool’ feeding regime but one that will also contribute valuable calories for weight gain and fibre for optimum digestive health.

There are some key Dunstan products that form a suitable feeding programme for these lovely horses.

Fibre of course is key in any diet so access to pasture and if pasture is limited some good quality hay/haylage. 

In regard to the concentrate feed Dunstan Maxim Low-GI is a super starting point.  Low in starch Dunstan Maxim Low-GI is ‘non heating’, however more calorie dense than traditional ‘coolfeeds’, ideal for the weight gain desired.  Dunstan Maxim Low-GI includes a full profile of vitamins and minerals, utilising organic minerals and Natural Vitamin E and the inclusion of a live yeast to aid digestion. 

The addition of Dunstan Betabeet, a super fibre, will provide a high fibre supplement to enhance digestive health as well as contribute to meeting the horses daily fibre requirements.  A ‘super fibre’ beet has a similar calorie contribution to oats but as it is low in starch and sugar it is non-heating.

For those particularly ‘hard keepers’ vegetable oils are a must.  They again provide a very calorie dense supplement, are non-heating and require the horse to eat no more volume of feed to intake more calories for weight gain.  Dunstan Trifecta Oil is a highly palatable blended oil to include.

For more information or queries regarding feeding the OTTB, contact Dunstan Nutrition Ltd.

Gretel Webber

Equine Nutritionist Assoc.Dip.App.Sc, BBus, MSc Equine

Dunstan Nutrition Ltd 



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