Dunstan Horsefeeds

The very well known and respected "Dunstan" brand was developed in the mid 1980's when the process of extrusion was innovatively introduced into the NZ feed manufacturing industry.

Since then, the "Dunstan" brand has become one of New Zealand's leading equine feed brands.

Talk to Dunstan Horsefeeds about:

  • Our specialised equine manufacturing facility
  • Our variety of extruded, textured extruded and fibre based feeds
  • Our great range of specialised equine supplements
  • Feeding solutions to optimise the health, growth or performance of your horse.
  • Diet analysis computer programme
  • People to assist with feeding regimes that know horses

Dunstan Monthly Feed Tips


Those horses working through winter, such as hunters, will benefit from Dunstan Eezymix, a medium energy, highly digestible, extruded product containing a blend of essential fatty acids.  Partner Dunstan Eezymix with Dunstan Sugarbeet, a delicious fibre source.


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