Dunstan’s Sustainability Driver and Motto: “We need to live off nature’s interest, not her capital!”

Dunstan has an absolute commitment to ensure that every aspect of our business operates responsibly and sustainably, and contributes to a more circular economy.

We believe that we have a social and environmental responsibility to operate our business as sustainably as possible, and to link with our customers and suppliers in achieving this goal.

Dunstan is actively working to build an enduring Dunstan Business Sustainability Plan and is linking with all our supply chain partners to reduce carbon emissions as a collective.

Dunstan’s Achievements so far towards building a more Sustainable Future:

1). With initial support from the Ministry for the Environment and Local Councils, Dunstan developed our Grain Keg feed system for supply of Dunstan horse feed to our large clients throughout the Waikato/Auckland areas. In so doing, to date, we have saved close to 2 million polypropylene bags (the equivalent of approximately 160 tonnes of polypropylene waste) from the waste stream, and this number is growing by the week.

2). We are in the process of moving all our BOPP bags to a recyclable construction, and in so doing, the lighter but more durable recyclable construction will reduce 8.2 tonnes per year of polypropylene material from the environment.

3). Dunstan has linked with the electricity supplier to our two Waikato-based manufacturing facilities, Genesis Energy, and purchased Renewable Energy Certificates, which confirms that all the electricity we use in our operations is sourced from sustainable hydro-generation. Genesis uses the funds from the Renewable Energy Certificates to contribute towards the development of more sustainable power generation facilities throughout NZ.

4). Dunstan purchases all our grain supplies (Oats/Barley/Maize) from the NZ Arable sector, and in so doing supports a local, sustainable and ethical NZ supply chain with a minimal carbon footprint.

5). Dunstan purchases most of our other raw materials from NZ based operations, and in so doing supports a local, sustainable and ethical NZ supply chain with a minimal carbon footprint.

6). The Soyabean Meal Dunstan sources, is manufactured at sites which hold “Sustainable Soy Certification”. The Soy Beans used are GMO, using highly researched biotechnology, and so provide economic and environmental benefits by increasing crop yields and reducing the use of pesticides.

7). Dunstan’s Betabeet and Sugarbeet are sourced from non-GMO sugarbeet crops in the UK and are a by-product of the human food chain. NZ and the UK have a Free Trade Agreement and support Net Zero Climate commitments.

8). All vitamins and minerals used in the manufacture of Dunstan horse feeds are sourced from ISO 9001 and GMP accredited plants so all ingredients have full supply chain traceability.

9). All Dunstan feeds use organic trace minerals to enhance performance and optimise equine health.

10). Dunstan’s manufacturing sites use EnviroNZ to ensure that all our waste generation (wood/plastic wrap/paper/consumables) is sorted and recycled into the circular economy, and waste to landfill is reduced to the absolute minimum.

11). Dunstan’s outbound supply chain is consolidated to 2 freight companies, therefore optimising efficiencies.

12). Dunstan’s manufacturing facilities use LED lighting