Dunstan Fibre Balancer



Dunstan Fibre Balancer is a high-fibre, semi-concentrate for young growing horses.

  • Semi concentrate
  • High fibre
  • Low-starch
  • Quality protein
  • Amino acids
  • Live yeast
  • Selenium yeast
  • Mannan oligosaccharide and aluminosilicate clay

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Dunstan Fibre Balancer
  • Dunstan Fibre Balancer is a semi- concentrate. This makes it ideal for the young growing horse which does not require the recommended intakes of a ‘full feed’ i.e. when there are signs of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD) type conditions or where excessive growth rates through high pasture quality and availability are anticipated.  In these situations feeding a ‘full feed’ at the recommended intakes to meet key nutrient requirements will result in excessive calorie intakes.  

    Dunstan Fibre Balancer will provide the same high specification of protein, amino acids and supplements as Fibre Plus, but with elevated trace minerals.  The nutrient -dense character of Dunstan Fibre Balancer ensures key nutrients are provided in a reduced intake of feed, to maintain the supply of minerals essential for bone and cartilage integrity.

    The higher fibre content of Dunstan Fibre Balancer reduces the reliance on grain and therefore starch for calorie contribution.  Calories from fibre means a reduction in fluctuation in blood glucose and resulting insulin in comparison to a grain-based feed. This effect may have a positive influence over bone formation and freedom from joint abnormalities.

    Dunstan Fibre Balancer offers the combination of proven nutrient values to provide for good growth rates and sound bone and joint development, with the added benefit of quality Meadow Hay, Soya Hulls and Lucerne for elevated fibre levels, to benefit digestive health.

    Mannan Oligosaccharide and Aluminosilicate Clay are included as nutritional aids towards maintaining digestive physiology for the horse at pasture.

    Dunstan Fibre Balancer contains a live yeast culture to enhance the development of beneficial microflora in the caecum for improved nutrient digestion, in particular, Phosphorus utilisation, an important component of bone development.

    Dunstan Fibre Balancer contains Selenium Yeast, the organic form of Selenium for optimum assimilation of this important trace mineral.

    Equine Safe
    Dunstan Horsefeeds are produced in Equine-Safe manufacturing plants, ensuring a product of premium quality, safety and performance.

    Professionally formulated for New Zealand Horses performing under New Zealand conditions
  • Barley, Soya Bean Meal, Soya Hulls, Bran and Pollard, Milk Powder, Meadow Hay, Lucerne, Molasses, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Amino Acids, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Limestone, Minerals and Vitamins, Mannan Oligosaccharide, Aluminosilicate Clay, live yeast culture, Organic Selenium.
  • Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

    Crude Protein 20.0%
    Fibre 13.0%
    Fat 4.0%
    Salt 1.5%
    DE Energy 12.5 MJ/KG

    Nutrient Composition – typical analysis per kilo of Dunstan Fibre Balancer (as fed)

    Crude Protein 180g
    Lysine 12g
    Calcium 15.0g
    Phosphorus 9.0g
    Sodium 4.0g
    Chloride 6.0g
    Potassium 14.0g
    Magnesium 4.0g
    Iron 240mg
    Zinc (Organic) 240mg
    Manganese 150mg
    Copper (Organic) 90mg
    Cobalt 1mg
    Iodine 2.0mg
    Selenium (Organic) 1.1mg
    Vitamin A 20,000i.u
    Vitamin D 2,000i.u
    Vitamin E 250mg
    Vitamin K 4.0mg
    Thiamine B1 12.0mg
    Riboflavin B2 12.0mg
    Pyridoxine B6 10.0mg
    Vitamin B12 100ug
    Niacin 40mg
    Pantothenate 20mg
    Biotin 200ug
    Folic Acid 3mg
    Choline 300mg

    Heat stable Vitamins added at the time of manufacture

  • Dunstan Fibre Balancer is a semi concentrate and is formulated to provide for the daily mineral requirements of the growing Weanling and Yearling from a reduced level of concentrated feed.

    Amounts per horse per day when offered as the full feed:
    The recommended feeding rates are based on a 500kg horse and are guidelines only.

    Weanlings1kg -1.5kg
    Yearlings 1.5kg- 2kg
    • The above recommended feeding rates for Dunstan Fibre Balancer are based on a 500kg mature weight horse and are guidelines only. 
    • If horses require a higher intake of supplementary feed to maintain desired body condition and growth rates use Dunstan Fibre Plus or Dunstan Fibre Grow
    • Ensure adequate fibre intakes by providing 1 % - 1 .5% per day of the horse's body weight as chaff, hay, Dunstan Betabeet/Sugarbeet or pasture (on a Dry Matter basis).
    • It is advisable to split the daily hard-feed into at least two feeds, preferable 3-4, but feed no more than 2.0 kg of Dunstan Fibre Balancer per meal.
    General Notes
    Always ensure the Horse has access to clean drinking water.

    High Copper levels in Dunstan Fibre Balancer make it unsuitable for feeding to sheep.

    Dunstan Horsefeeds are best used within four months from the time of purchase.
    This ensures the vitamins included in Dunstan Horsefeeds remains efficacious to ensure optimum equine health.
    However, as is the case with human foods, “fresh is best”. So always aim to feed Dunstan products as fresh as you are able.

    A Hint on Storage of Dunstan Horsefeeds:
    When storing Dunstan Horsefeeds, it is important that it is kept in a clean, dry, cool and rodent-proof area to avoid potential moulds and/or contaminants.