Why Feed Dunstan Old Horse?

Why Feed Dunstan Old Horse?

When Dunstan developed Dunstan Old Horse® we asked the question, how old is an old horse? – we did a little research and found out that a horse is considered in their senior years aged 15+. However, whether they consider themselves elderly certainly depends on the lifestyle they have led, the workload and environmental conditions they have been exposed to in their lifetime. We all know some fantastic horses still performing at the top of their game in their late teens, early twenties and beyond. So, each horse is an individual and we must take that into account when formulating a diet for them.

So why feed Dunstan Old Horse?

Dunstan Old Horse® includes quality, high-fibre (Soya Hulls, Lucerne Meal, Sugarbeet) ingredients to produce a low-GI feed ideal for older horses who have an increased risk of metabolic disorders.

As older horses can have a reduction in protein digestion due to their age, Dunstan Old Horse® has an elevated protein level made up of quality protein sources.

To support the older horse there is additional Vitamin C as their ability to synthesis this can be compromised. It also includes increased levels of Natural Vitamin E to support immune function in older horses.

As with any horse having a high-fibre inclusion, aids digestion and contributes to their daily fibre requirements. (Important Side Note - Did you know that all horses requires a minimum of 1 – 1.5% of its bodyweight in fibre per day so a 500kg horse requires 5kg to 7.5 kg of pasture/ chaff/ hay/beet/ensiled products per day on a dry matter basis.)

Dunstan Old Horse® includes two live yeasts, the first of which aids digestion, particularly of Phosphorus, which may be impaired in the older horse. In addition, it may assist in maintaining a more optimal hindgut pH, therefore contributing to overall health of the intestinal ecosystem of the horse. The second live yeast helps support the horse’s natural immune system and boost the natural defences of the horse against health challenges.

Finally the Calcium level and Calcium: Phosphorus ratio of Dunstan Old Horse® meets the unique requirements of the senior horse.

Your take home is that - Dunstan Old Horse® was developed specifically for senior horses and their unique requirements , it is made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, in an Equine safe mill.

Look after yourself in these unique times and take a moment to appreciate having an equine in your life – especially a senior who has a lifetime of experiences to share with you!



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