What's the deal with ‘Premixed Feeds’?

What's the deal with ‘Premixed Feeds’?

Premixed feeds are feeds that include added vitamins and minerals. These can be full feeds, semi-concentrates or concentrates.

If considering your total contribution of feed and supplements in your horses ration it is important to take into consideration the nutrients being provided by a premixed feed. It is not just the calories that it provides to maintain body condition and performance but the vitamins and minerals included in the feed will contribute to meeting the horses daily nutrient requirements.

As a rule the majority of premixed feeds that are ‘full feeds’, for horses that require increased calorie intake for weight gain are formulated to be fed at a minimum of 2.5kg based on a 500kg body weight. Under ‘normal circumstances’ when fed in conjunction for forage to meet daily fibre requirements further ‘general’ vitamin and mineral supplementation should not be required other than salt.

If you are feeding a ‘full feed’ at less than the minimum intake this will not meet the horses’ daily vitamin and mineral requirements. However it will still be providing some contribution and owners should take advantage of this, allowing a reduction in the addition of further supplements. For example if feeding a 500kg horse 1.25kg of a full feed, in conjunction with daily forage it will be getting 50% of its nutrient requirements. The other 50% can be ‘topped up’ using a suitable vitamin and mineral supplement, but at half the dose rate to take into account what is coming from the feed. This takes advantage of what is coming from the feed, avoids over supplementation and reduces your supplement use, benefiting your pocket!

Alternatively you can move the horse to a more highly fortified lower intake feed. This will provide those same key nutrients in a lesser amount of hardfeed therefore still meeting the horses daily nutrient requirements but not the calories.

If you have any queries about the nutrient requirements of your horse and how to meet their daily needs please contact the team at Dunstan.



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