Hydration During Warmer Months

Hydration During Warmer Months

Dunstan now has three great products that can have water added to assist with hydration, each product will have different applications for equine condition and digestive health.

Dunstan has two beet products, Dunstan Betabeet, a non molassed beet flake and Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes, with added molasses.  Beet is recognized as a ‘super fibre’ as it is more calorie dense than traditional fibre sources, but as a fibre continues to benefit digestive health.   There are numerous times when horses will benefit from a Dunstan Beet.

- As a ‘super fibre’ great for horses requiring weight gain

- Dunstan Betabeet can be incorporated into the existing ration to provide a ‘cool’ calorie source, ideal for horses that do not tolerate a high starch or sugar feedstuffs. 

- Low in starch and sugar Dunstan Betabeet is ideal for horses predisposed to laminitis or other conditions where are low starch, low sugar, high fibre diet is recommended.

- As a fibre both Dunstan Betabeet and Dunstan Sugarbeet are ideal to be used daily for horses that are boxed or yarded or those who may be struggling to meet their daily fibre requirement due to pasture and alternative forage shortages.   

- For horses away a lot competing it provides a consistent fibre source.

- With added molasses Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes tempts even the fussiest eaters.

- The stability of the nutrient composition of the beet, in regards to sugar and starch levels provides consistency in the diet that may not be present seasonally with pasture. For some ‘sensitive’ horses this ‘stable’ fibre source may assist to maintaining hindgut health.
The latest addition to our stable Dunstan Recovery Mash® has water added prior to feeding to assist with hydration, it includes Natural Vitamin E to support muscle function and immunity and Melofeed® a new age antioxidant to support resistance to oxidative stress.

Dunstan Recovery Mash® incorporates a blend of super fibres as well as soyabean meal to provide quality protein and barley in its extruded form, for improved digestibility.  Unlike a traditional bran mash Di-calcium phosphate is added to ensure a balanced Calcium:Phosphorus ratio.  

Dunstan Recovery Mash is ideal in the following situations:

- Highly palatable the Dunstan Recovery Mash® will be a staple after long trips.  On arrival providing Dunstan Recovery Mash® with plenty of water will assist the horse to uptake some water immediately.

- For horses that are poor drinkers it will be of greater benefit than a dry feed which may further exacerbate hydration issues. 

- For horse that are convalescing it will provide an easy to eat, soft mash particularly helpful for horses after procedures such as ‘tie-back’ surgeries. 

- It may be a regular part of the ration for horses with poor teeth.

- Suitable for owners that wish to add their own minerals, Dunstan Recovery Mash® does not include any added micro-minerals.

- In the Norther Hemisphere a mash is widely fed to mares immediately after foaling, the introduction of Dunstan Recovery Mash® to the New Zealand market has now provided mare owners with this opportunity.

Both Dunstan Betabeet and Dunstan Recovery Mash® are quality feed stuffs that can be utilised for optimum equine health the application of each will depend on your individual horses’ situation and requirements.



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