Kristie Hill

Kristie Hill

Territory Manager – South Island

Phone: 021 621 075

Kristie has an extensive background in the Standardbred Industry, breeding and owning, as well as training and, on occasion, driving her horses.

She is currently the President of the Nelson Harness Racing Club and was the Education Manager for Harness Racing New Zealand for six years.

She is also actively involved in her Daughter’s Pony Club. Kristie has worked in the Equine Feed and Supplement market previously and has always had an interest in Equine Nutrition.

Kristie is proud to be working with the Dunstan Team who are a fantastic bunch of like-minded equine enthusiasts!

Dunstan has a long tradition of producing quality Equine Feeds in Equine Safe facilities which is something to be proud of. She really enjoys working with clients to find solutions for their horse and horse feed challenges.

Feeding Tip:
“Feeding fibre – make sure your horse is getting a minimum of 1% to 1.5% of its bodyweight in roughage per day. So a 500kg horse needs 5.0kg to 7.5kg of fibre each day. Where to source fibre? Pasture, hay, chaffs, ensiled products such as Fiber Fresh, and the super fibre Dunstan Betabeet Flakes or Sugarbeet Flakes (which is a good source of calories as well as fibre). Dunstan also has some fabulous complete feeds that are high in fibre such as Dunstan Breed & Grow, Dunstan Maxim Low-GI and for the more senior of our equine friends, Dunstan Old Horse.”