July Dunstan Masterclass Events

July Dunstan Masterclass Events

Get out and enjoy your horse these school holidays with the Dunstan Masterclass Series!

First up, in the Taranaki, we will be joined by Mathew Dickey and Nakeysha Lammers at Waitara Pony Club.

The following week we will be in North Auckland at Woodhill Sands with Monica Spencer, Wendi Williamson and Angela Lloyd.

The Dunstan Masterclass gives riders the opportunity to train with some of the countries best Equine Athletes and the opportunity to have a one on one consult with our dedicated Equine Nutritionist, Gretel Webber.

The only cost associated with the Dunstan Masterclass is covering the facility fee, so come and join us and have a go!

Taranaki: https://bit.ly/masterclasstaranaki
North Auckland: https://www.dunstan.co.nz/dunstan-masterclass



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