Dispelling the Myths around Beet

Dispelling the Myths around Beet

1) Dunstan Betabeet Flakes and Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes are sourced from NON-GMO Sugarbeet crops in the UK.

2) NON-GMO Sugarbeet crops in the UK cannot be sprayed with any herbicide or pesticide.

3) All of the UK’s sugar production for human consumption is produced from these NON-GMO Sugarbeet crops, and Dunstan’s Betabeet Flakes and Dunstan’s Sugarbeet Flakes are derived from the fibrous residue after the sugar extraction process.

4) So, the Dunstan Betabeet Flakes and Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes you feed to your horses are not only derived from NON-GMO Sugarbeet crops, but are also totally free of any residues, and are manufactured from Sugarbeet destined for sugar production for human consumption.



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