This October, Dunstan is celebrating 35 years supporting the Racing, Breeding and Equestrian Community.

From humble beginnings in West Auckland to now operating two dedicated Equine-Safe Manufacturing Plants in the heart of the Waikato, Dunstan is proud to be your chosen Equine Nutrition Specialist, supplying quality New Zealand Made Feeds for New Zealand Horses.

To Celebrate we are discounting three of our popular Dunstan products for the final two weeks of October!

Offer is valid at participating Rural Retail Stores Nationwide and through our On-Farm Delivery Service
Monday 18 October - Sunday 31 October
all prices include GST


Dunstan Breed & Grow is formulated for broodmares and young stock. It is a low-starch, high-fibre feed, designed to assist in the sound growth of the young horse in conjunction with ensuring good digestive health. Low starch feeds are recognized for minimizing the negative effect of insulin on joint and cartilage development and the high fibre, low starch ingredients in Dunstan Breed & Grow ensures avoidance of digestive disturbances that can be associated with poorly digestible, high-grain feeds. Dunstan Breed & Grow contains a full vitamin and mineral premix, utilizing organic minerals and Natural Vitamin E as well as a live yeast to aid digestion, and Mannan Olygosaccharide and Aluminosilicate Clay.

Some key applications:
• For maintaining condition on pregnant mares by providing a high-fibre feed for digestive health
• For lactating mares which require a full feed to maintain condition. It is also an ideal introductory feed for foals.
• For foals through to yearlings – it provides a balanced, low-starch ration for sound growth and development
• Dunstan Breed and Grow is also very popular for performance horses that do not tolerate a grain-based feed. The low starch formulation is beneficial for a more settled disposition.
• The increased level of Vitamin E satisfies the requirements of Sporthorses that may have restricted pasture access.


Dunstan Eezymix is a premium quality, extruded cereal nugget. It has a wide array of applications in the conditioning and performance of horses. Fully extruded, it provides calorie-dense cereal grains in a highly digestible form, reducing the likelihood of digestive upsets that can arise from undigested starch. The addition of two oilseeds (Linseed and Full Fat Soya) and oils (Soya Oil and Rice Bran Oil) contributes to enhancing skin and coat quality. As with all the Dunstan full feeds, it contains added vitamins and minerals - minerals in their organic form, and Natural Vitamin E, providing increased potency.

Some key applications:
• For conditioning and ‘topline’, the inclusion of Dunstan Extruded Rice and Rice Bran oil assists with muscle development.
• Owners wanting an Oat free medium energy feed.
• Lucerne free, for owners wanting to exclude lucerne from the ration.
• For horses require a cereal grain ration for ‘energy’ to work.


Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine needs no introduction. It is a fantastic low-intake supplement to boost the calorie density of any ration and enhances both skin and coat quality. Quality protein ingredients provide a high level of essential amino acids to assist with muscle development and the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids present in Linseed and Soya oil contribute to healthy skin and coat sheen. Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine contains a full profile of vitamins and minerals, utilizing organic minerals and Natural Vitamin E.

Some key applications:
• Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine can be added into the existing ration for horses struggling to maintain condition.
• For performance horses to assist with both ‘topline’ and coat sheen
• Highly palatable calorie dense supplement for the fussiest of horses