Dunstan Nutrition

"The Equine Feed Professionals"

Suppliers of quality feeds to New Zealand's equine industry

The formulation of Dunstan feeds is based on extensive nutritional research and development. Inside every bag you will find the traditional values of quality, freshness and variety. Dunstan feeds are designed for every equine requirement. Our innovation and reputation has made us a clear leader in the design of specific feeds for the New Zealand Equine Industry.

The Dunstan Brand

Dunstan Nutrition Ltd is a Waikato based Company owned by a group of New Zealand shareholders with interests in the New Zealand Equine Industry. Dunstan was formed in 1995 when the shareholders acquired the assets of a company which was originally involved in the development of the extrusion process for Equine Feed manufacture. This insipred the development of the now very successful and well known 'Dunstan' brand. At this point, the Company's operations were re-located to specialised equine manufacturing plants in the Waikato.

A Team Effort

Dunstan has worked alongside Veterinary Professionals to develop nutrition programmes for the New Zealand Equine Industry. The complete feed concept is applied to nutrition for young horses, (from foals to yearlings) to racehorses through to sport and leisure horses. This is because one horse feed will not meet the nutritional requirements for horses at different stages of growth and development, or at different performance levels. Dunstan is committed to providing diets which will optimise growth and performance in each sector by selecting wholesome ingredients and applying rigorous quality control standards to both ingredients and finished products.

Professionally formulated for New Zealand horses performing under New Zealand conditions

Dunstan's horsefeeds are manufactured in a dedicated equine manufacturing plant which enables us to produce feeds in various textures to suit all horses' needs.


Ingredients for Dunstan feeds are selected from:

Maize, Oats, Rice, Barley, Soya Bean Meal, Copra Meal, Cereal By Products, Rice Bran Oil, Full Fat Soya Meal, Milk Powder, Meadow Hay Chaff, Oaten Straw Chaff, Lucerne Chaff, Sugar Beet, Molasses, Salt, Amino Acids, Magnesium Oxide, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Limestone, Minerals and Vitamins, Mycosorb, Mycoguard, Levucell Live Yeast, Alkosel (Organic Selenium), Natural Vitamin 'E.'

All Dunstan Feeds contain minerals in the form of Organic Complexes ensuring maximum availability of these essential elements.


Contact us:

Dunstan Nutrition Ltd PO Box 20152 Te Rapa, Hamilton 3200
Phone: 07 849 8160 or 0800 438 678