Stallion Mix

Dunstan Stallion Mix is a high energy formulation comprising cooked cereals and vegetable oils to match the elevated energy needs of the Stallion during the breeding season.

Dietary energy is a critical component of a balanced diet formulated for horses that have a high performance output over a short time period. Conventional diets of oats and pasture may not be sufficiently concentrated to provide for the peak energy requirements of the Stallion during the breeding season.

The extrusion cooking process applied to cereal grains and proteins considerably enhances the energy values of conventional cereal grains. The addition of vegetable oil as a concentrated source of energy enables a high performance diet to be formulated. High level feeding of carbohydrates to provide energy may predispose some horses to tying up. The addition of vegetable oils and organic chromium to our formula greatly reduces this problem.

Dunstan Stallion Mix is formulated around Dunstans extruded cereal pellet, complemented with additional energy ingredients such as Full Fat Soybean Meal and Vegetable Oils. Trace minerals, vitamins, salt and electrolytes are provided at a level where no further supplementation is required. The heavy sweating stallion may require additional salt or electrolytes when in full work or during periods of high temperature and humidity. Dunstan Stallion Mix provides in each kilo, 15 grams of salt. Energy is provided from both conventional and extruded cereals plus vegetable oils.

Organic Chromium and the live yeast culture Levucell are included within this formulation as both digestive aids and aids to overall energy utilisation and to help recovery from intense exercise.


Oats, Extruded Cereals, Maize, Full Fat Soya Meal, Extracted Soya Meal, Coconut Meal, Sunflower Seeds, Peas, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Lysine, Methionine, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Limestone, Minerals and Vitamins, live yeast culture Levucell, Organic Chromium.

Typical Analysis per Kg Dry Matter

Crude Protein 13.0% Minimum
Fibre 6.5% Maximum
Fat 9.0% Maximum
Salt 1.5% Maximum

DE Energy 16.0 Mj/Kg

Feeding Guide

Dunstan Stallion Mix should be offered in as many feeds as is practical (at least two feeds a day, preferably three or four).

Off-Season 3kg / day
Breeding Season 6-7kg / day

Always ensure availability of adequate fibre as pasture, chaff or hay.


Available in 30 kg polypropylene sacks.