Dunstan Orphan Foal

Dunstan Orphan Foal Supplement is a palatable, highly digestible meal, formulated to encourage the transition from a liquid milk diet and dependence on the mare, to a solid diet based on conventional cereals and protein.

Dunstan Orphan Foal Supplement has been formulated to be fed as the introductory feed to solid feeding. It is not a milk replacer, but a blend of milk powder, cooked extruded vegetable protein, cooked cereal, minerals and vitamins plus essential amino acids.

To ensure a formulation that meets the nutrient requirements of the young foal, a highly digestable protein source ( Nupro TM from Alltech) plus a blend of vegetable oils, is included to provide for both essential amino acids and essencial fatty acids.

Nupro supplies a range of peptides and nucleotides, which add special attributes to this formulation, over and above conventional protein sources. Nucleotides, components of human infant formula, help aid natural immunity through the production of important antibodies ( IgC-immunoglobulins), and also aid gastrointestinal health.

A blend of the essential fatty acids Omega 6,9 and 3 are included in this formulation. Omega 3, the anti-inflammatory fatty acid, is provided as a blend of both flax seed oil, and vegetable oil.


Milk Powder, Nupro Yeast Extract, Full Fat Soya Meal, Linseed Meal, Cooked Cereal, Vegetable Oil, Limestone, Salt, Minerals & Amino Acids, Yea-Sac, Palatant.

Typical Analysis per Kg Dry Matter
Crude Protein 25.0%
Fibre 3.5%
Fat 11.0%
Salt 1.0%

Feeding Recommendations

It is important that the Orphan Foal accepts mares colostrum during the first 18 hours after birth. A milk replacer, formulated to match the composition of mares milk, usually one of a lower fat and higher lactose content, should be offered a little and often. Feeding large quantities in a single meal will usually invoke some form of digestive upset and often lead to scour.

  • Introduce Dunstan Orphan Foal Supplement at 250 grams per day, building up to 1kg per day over a ten day period.
  • The milk powder content within the Dunstan Orphan Foal Supplement allows a porridge to be made with warm water should a more liquid diet be preferred initially.
  • Once the foal is consistently consuming 1kg per day of Dunstan Orphan Foal supplement, Dunstan Weanling Mix can be introduced, building to a feed intake of 3kg by 5 months of age.
  • Always ensure access to clean fresh water and provide hay and chaff as a roughage source.


Available in 20kg bags.