Dunstan Speedfeed®

Speedfeed® has been formulated as a high-energy race mix that incorporates the latest nutritional research with regard to ingredient selection and natural performance aids.

Speedfeed ® is a textured blend of extruded cereals, concentrate pellets, oats, peas, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, minerals and vitamins. The coarser nature of this feed presentation reflects a desire by trainers for a more textured feed with reduced levels of molasses.

Speedfeed ® is a complete racehorse feed and provides for the nutrient requirements of racehorses in full work.

Key Ingredients & Nutritional Benefits

  • Quality protein and amino acids for efficient repair and replacement of muscle tissue. Muscle development, tissue repair and replacement continually takes place during a horses racing career. Dietary intake of pre-formed amino acids helps maintain tissue and muscle integrity.
  • Multiple Energy Sources. It is well proven that a balance of energy sources is optimal for maximum performance in the racing athlete. The combination of cooked cereal starch obtained by extrusion, with high quality vegetable oils and oilseeds gives Speedfeed ® that important energy boost critical in meeting the racehorses requirements for digestible energy sources.
  • Levucell - the live yeast culture proven for its digestion enhancing properties in supporting enzymatic breakdown. In a starch rich diet, lactic acid-producing bacteria proliferate and if allowed to multiply can have serious consequences with regard to digestive function, possibly leading to colic. Levucell stimulates the development of the lactic acid utilising bacteria, resulting in a decreased concentration of lactic acid, a reduction in gut acidity and a decrease in the risk of digestive disorders such as colic and gastric ulceration, often associated with high-energy diets.
  • Organic Selenium and Chromium. Chromium has a key role to play in reducing the level of lactic acid accumulation, a compound responsible for muscle soreness, fatigue and in generally limiting performance. Selenium as an antioxidant is important in maintaining tissue and muscle cell integrity, key elements for muscle development and maximum performance. Presented in their organic forms, these trace minerals become highly available, with organic selenium having the ability to be stored in the muscle tissue for immediate re-call, a property not found in conventional selenium supplements.
  • Organic Iron. Haemoglobin formation is the life-blood to a strong cardiovascular system. The oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is influenced by the production of haemoglobin and the iron status of the racehorse. Whilst iron intake is not normally a limiting factor for horses at pasture, high-level cereal feeding with limited forage intake may not supply adequate amounts of iron to promote good haemoglobin formation. Organic iron provides iron in a highly available form.
  • Speedfeed ® contains a balance of conventional nutrients plus a number of additives proven as being beneficial to the horses racing performance.


Oats, Extruded Cereals, Maize, Full Fat Soya Meal, Extracted Soya Meal, Sunflower Seeds, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Lysine, Methionine, Molasses, Dicalcium Phosphate, Limestone, Amino Acids, Minerals and Vitamins, Antioxidant, live yeast culture Levucell, Chromium Yeast.

Typical Analysis per Kg Dry Matter

Crude Protein 12.0%  
Fat 11.5%  
Fibre 6.0%  
Salt 1.5%  


DE Energy 16.5 MJ/Kg

Feeding Recommendations

Dunstan Speedfeed ® is a high energy formulation designed for the racehorse in work, feed rates being determined by body condition and degree of work activity. It is not recommended for use by ponies or horses being spelled or light work.

Introduce Dunstan Speedfeed gradually, always ensuring that adequate fibre/roughage is available (Minimum 1% Body Weight).

Feed Racemix in as many feeds as is practical, at least two feeds a day, preferably three or four.

  • Medium work intensity 4-6 Kg / day
  • Racing 6-7 Kg / day


Available in 30 kg polypropylene bags.