Dunstan Athlete

Dunstan Athlete is a high energy oat balancer formulated for racehorses in work.

Dietary energy is a critical component of the racehorse diet and should preferably be presented in as concentrated a form as possible to avoid feeding large volumes of feed. The extrusion cooking process applied to cereal grains coupled with the high inclusion of vegetable oil as a concentrated source of energy, enables a high performance diet to be formulated from a relatively small volume of feed.

Dunstan Athlete has been formulated to provide a concentrated energy complement to oats when fed in the ratio of one Athlete to two oats. At this ratio, protein, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes will be provided in sufficient quantity to meet the racehorse's requirements and no further supplementation is required.

Traditional high level feeding of oats to provide energy from carbohydrate may predispose some horses to tying-up. The cooking of cereals and addition of vegetable oils to our Dunstan Athlete formula greatly reduces this problem.

Dunstan Athlete contains good levels of the essential trace minerals, electrolytes and vitamins required by the racehorse to encourage optimal performance.


Barley, Maize, Wheat by-products, Full Fat Soya Meal, Peas, Sunflower Meal, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Methionine, Molasses, Synthetic Amino Acids, Limestone, Lysine, Mineral and Vitamin Premix, Antioxidant.

Typical Analysis per Kg Dry Matter  

Crude Protein




DE Energy 15.5 MJ/Kg

Feeding Recommendations

Dunstan Athlete is a high energy formulation designed for the racehorse in work. It is not recommended that it be used for ponies or horses being spelled or in light work.

Feed Athlete in a mix with oats in the ratio of one Athlete to two oats.

Horses (500 kg Bodyweight) in full work:

  • 3 kgs Athlete
  • 6 kgs Oats
  • 0.5 kgs Chaff
  • Pasture / Hay
  • No more than 2.5kg of concentrate should be fed in a single meal.
  • Horses require a minimum of 1% of their body weight in hay/chaff or pasture daily to maintain a healthy digestive system.


Available in 30 kg polypropylene bags.