Meadow Pro



EQUIFIBRE® MEADOW PRO is a highly nutritious forage fibre made of 100% natural high-quality permanent pasture blend including ryegrass and clover.

  • Easy feed portions
  • A cool energy fibre source
  • Highly digestible
  • Suits every equine diet
  • Ensiled to optimise nutrients and palatability
  • No added vitamins and minerals

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Meadow Pro
  • Equifibre® Meadow Pro is very digestible and is perfectly ensiled to optimise palatability and preserve all quality nutrients. When being packed, Equifibre® Meadow Pro is cut and pressed into convenient block-sized portions for ease of handling, and then vacuum sealed to enhance nutritional quality and freshness.

    Being completely dust-free with a high moisture content, Equifibre® Meadow Pro is ideal for horses with respiratory conditions. This helps to keep horses hydrated and enhances palatability.

    Equine Safe
    Equifibre® Meadow Pro is produced in Equine safe manufacturing plants ensuring a product of premium quality, safety and performance.

    Professionally formulated for New Zealand Horses performing under New Zealand conditions
  • 100% natural high-quality permanent pasture blend including ryegrass and clover ensiled under optimum conditions.
  • Typical Nutritional Analysis (dry matter basis)

    Crude Protein 14%
    Digestible Energy 10.2mj/Kg
    Starch >1.2%
    Crude Fat 3-5%
    Crude Fibre28%
    Dry Matter Content 42-45%
    Calcium 9mg/Kg
    Vitamin E 70 mg/Kg
  • Equifibre® Meadow Pro is an ideal fibre forage to complement every equine feeding regime, especially at times when fibre availability is limited. It should be introduced slowly and fed as part of a balanced diet.

    The feeding amounts may be influenced by factors such as the horse’s condition, breed, age, workload and pasture availability.

    The following feeding rates are guidelines only.

    Ponies 1-2 kg per day
    Horses In Light Work / Spelling / Maintenance 2-5 kg per day
    High Performance 4-6 kg per day
    Weanlings / Yearlings 2-3 kg per day
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