Dunstan Feeding tip for June

Calorie dense supplements are great additions to winter diets to assist in maintaining body condition.  Dunstan Extruded Rice or Dunstan Trifecta Oil can be added into your existing ration to provide a concentrate source of ‘cool calories’. 

Product Details:


Dunstan Extruded Rice: provides a cool, calorie dense supplement ideal for building body condition and assisting with development of topline - a great way to get your horses looking in top condition for the start of the season.  Add to your existing ration at 0.5 – 1kg per day.

Dunstan Trifecta Oil is a 3 way blend of quality vegetable oils providing the essential fatty acids for required for optimum coat sheen and performance.  Dunstan Trifecta Oil provides a concentrate source of ‘cool’ calories for weight gain.