Dunstan Feeding tip for November

As workloads increase, horses that are lacking energy or who are unable to maintain body condition while in heavy work will benefit from the premium energy performance feed Dunstan Sporthorse.  In contrast when pasture is plentiful some good doers or young stock maintain condition on pasture alone.  Ensure they receive adequate vitamin and mineral supplementation for optimum health, performance or growth with the use of Dunstan Multi-Ultra. 

Product Detail

Dunstan Sporthorse is a high energy premium quality performance feed for hard working horses.  Dunstan Sporthorse is an extruded, textured feed utilising highly digestible cooked grains and containing a full vitamin and mineral premix. 

Dunstan Multi-Ultra is a premium vitamin and mineral pellet which includes chromium, Mannan Oligosaccharide and Aluminosilicate Clay.  It is the ideal way to provide key nutrients to horses that do not require supplementary feed to maintain condition.  Feed 500grams per day of Dunstan Multi-Ultra (based on a 500kg body weight) to ensure horses receive an optimum intake of vitamins and minerals.