Dunstan Nutrition Ltd is a Waikato based company owned by a group of New Zealand shareholders with interests in equine nutrition, animal feed manufacture, and the Equine Industry.

Dunstan was incorporated in 1995 when the shareholders acquired the assets of a company which was originally involved in the development of the extrusion process in animal feed manufacture. This inspired the development of the now very successful and well known 'Dunstan' brand of equine feeds. At this point, the company's operations were re-located to the Waikato, where two plants are now operated:

  • An Equine Feed Plant in Te Rapa which is dedicated to the manufacture of 'Dunstan' horse feed
  • A high fibre capable animal feed plant with Lucerne dehydration capabilities in Tamahere. This plant manufactures high fibre equine feeds to complement the Dunstan Feeds range, as well as other boutique animal feeds.

Dunstan Nutrition Ltd, with two plants in the Waikato, is now established as a boutique, specialist equine & animal nutrition company targeting the following key market sectors:-

  • Equine Nutrition under our 'Dunstan' brand
  • Specialist small animal and boutique Lucerne based animal feeds from our 'Country Harvest' plant at Tamahere.