Sir Patrick Hogan
At Cambridge Stud we have been feeding the Dunstan range to our stallions, mares, yearlings and foals for a number of years. We have found that the selection of feed that Dunstan supplies covers every aspect of our operation here at Cambridge Stud. The way our horses look, sell and perform highlights the successful relationship between Cambridge Stud and Dunstan feeds.


Katie McVean
My Show Jumpers have always been fed Dunstan feeds. I find that they are always waiting for their feed and there is never any left over in their feed bins. There's a feed to suit the various requirements of my horses for both performance and condition - you can't beat the selection nor the freshness!
Dunstan is a big part of my successful Show Jumping results.

Debbie Barke
"The quality of the support and back up you get from the Team at Dunstan is equalled by the quality of the product. Outstanding!!.

My association with Dunstan products started when Mzungu was a young horse with a fussy small appetite. Dunstan went out of their way to help find a solution for us and have continued to provide that support to this day. All our horses from broodmares, young horses to all the competition horses are fed Dunstan products. Why? Because I get excellent value for money and the right feed for every personality and body type. The results speak for themselves. "


Jo Shepherd
"You can ride any type of horse you choose but when it comes to feeding, let your horse do the choosing.
Dunstan, - the difference between ordinary and extraordinary."


Janelle Sangster-Ward

 I have been feeding Dunstan Horsefeeds for the last 7 years, after completing my animal nutrition degree I researched all of the feeds available in New Zealand and Dunstan came out on top.  Dunstan was the only one that could offer fresh, high quality, balanced hard feed at an affordable price. Dunstan has a complete feed for all of my horses from broodmares and youngstock to my  advanced dressage competition horses, and Denise is just a phone call away whenever I have any questions. I could not be happier with their condition, energy levels and calm even temperaments, I  am also forever being asked how I get my horses looking so shiny and well - the answer is simple.......Dunstan Horsefeeds!!

 Our favourite products are Breed & Grow for the mares and youngstock, Maxim Low GI, Extruded Rice, Eezy Mix, Boost and Eezybeet for the 3yo's and competition horses, with a little bit of  Trifecta Oil. It is so simple and I know my horses are gettig the best possible nutrition to perform at their best and reach their potential.